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steps for publishing & reverse-publishing IdeaXchg

(Author's note: this page is obsolete, but it has been retained for further review and processing.  Some broken links to deleted elements may still be present on this page.  See IdeaXchg Development Tasks for current notes and references.)

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IdeaXchg contains multiple discussion areas, edited content (articles and topical contents outlines) plus structural pages, all combined into a single public web in order to get the maximum benefit of FrontPage 2000's indexing and link maintenance facilities.  Because some changes originate on my local development machine, and some changes originate from the web (i.e. discussion messages), there is a real danger of accidental screwups when I attempt to synchronize my development machine with the live web.  The purpose of this article is to spell out guidelines for safely publishing the IdeaXchg web in both directions.

What it means to synchronize

At any point in time, I may want to bring my "local" web (running under PWS on my Windows 95 machine) into synchronization with the "live" web ( running on a Windows NT/IIS server).  My local web may have almost any kind of changes not previously published to the live web, with the exception of new postings to an active discussion area.  The live web should only have changed in its discussion areas (assuming for now that no one else has direct authoring privileges on the IdeaXchg web).  The desired result of synchronization is that all of my local updates are applied to the live web, and all of the new live discussion is carried over to my local web.

Partial synchronization - uploading local changes to live web

In order to apply my local changes to the live web, I use FrontPage's Publish Web command against my local web, specifying as the target location.  The important point to be careful about in this step is that I don't want to accidentally clobber any of the live discussions when I'm publishing in this direction (uploading changes).  In order to be safe I take the following precautions:

Partial synchronization - downloading live discussions

The key point to watch out for is not to accidentally lose local changes that haven't yet been published to the live web.  Also I don't want to damage the Test Discussion, which is the one discussion area on which I make postings on my local development machine.  To be safe I follow these steps when reverse-publishing from to my local web:

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