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Re: BTCrit Forum request

From: mda
Keywords: IXMisc, Addition
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Date: 07/16/00
Time: 15:37


I will create a Querier forum under the VFPUtils subwebs, since this is one of SpaceTime Systems' generic VFP utilities.  I've also been planning to create some additional forums under VFPUtils, e.g. for Saver, ErrHandler, and a Miscellaneous general VFP topics heading.

I could create a separate BTCrit forum for you, but I would propose to do this under a separate subweb devoted to BT-specific applications, rather than putting it under the VFPUtils subwebs.  It would still be on my server under www.ideaxchg.com, but physically separated from the VFPUtils subtrees (ix07 and ix08).  This would allow you and your co-workers to directly administer, publish, and download the whole BT site through FrontPage 2000 without interference to or from my independent web maintenance activities on the SpaceTime subwebs.

In other words, I'm proposing to set up a skeletal web site for BT that would be similar to the VFPUtils web site, but separately administered by you and company.  This site could contain whatever forums you like, e.g. a BTCrit forum, following the same general IdeaXchg organization and conventions as VFPUtils.  You might also want to have a JobControl forum and a Miscellaneous forum right from the outset, but that's your decision.  Once I have created the skeletal web site, I'd be glad to help you learn how to author, edit, and administer your site via FrontPage.


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