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Re: test of FrontPage posting - pasted HTML - try expanded HTML

From: mda
Keywords: IXMisc, TestPost
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Date: 09/15/00
Time: 10:24


<p>Here's another test of using HTML, but this time I'll try copying the text from FrontPage's HTML view, not the normal WYSIWYG view.<br> This line follows a normal line break.</p> <p>This is a new paragraph, with some <b>boldface text</b>.&nbsp; And 2 spaces preceded <i>this</i> sentence.&nbsp; And here's a <a href="http://www.ideaxchg.com/">hyperlink</a> to the home page.&nbsp; And the following is a bulleted list:</p> <ul> <li>item one</li> <li>item two</li> <li>yayaayay</li> </ul> <p>Sure hope this works!</p>


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