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Test posting with mixture of Cyrillic - Российское испытание

From: mda
Keywords: IXMisc, TestPost
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Date: 07/15/01
Time: 23:57


There seems to be no problem in using Cyrillic in the Comments, i.e. the message body. However we do run into problems with Cyrillic in items that are displayed in the TOC, e.g. the Subject and From fields.

Interestingly, I can get Cyrillic into the top-level posting's Subject, but Cyrillic gets turned into garbage in any replies. Therefore it would be best to avoid using Cyrillic in Subject lines, so people don't get too confused when it fails to work for replies.

On the other hand, I hate to pass up on the ability to squeeze a little bit of use out of this for the benefit of Russian speakers. I guess it's would be OK to make occasional use Cyrillic in top-level Subject: lines, since the reply subject is normally just Re: ... (the same thing).


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