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Re: How to make separate lines in Frontpage forum

From: mda
Keywords: IXForum, Suggestion
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Date: 07/17/03
Time: 16:57


Hi Shun,

The FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions caused me a number of problems, including the one you're asking about. In addition to losing the ability to insert paragraph breaks in Discussion postings, I found a fair number of cases where Include Pages didn't work properly.

Twice (about a year apart) my web hosting provider tried to move me to a new server with FP2002 Server Extensions, and both times I had to revert to a server running the FP2000 SE, because of the same issues. I tried to find help on Usenet, but it seems that MS has never fixed these known bugs that were introduced as of FP2002, so on FP2000 I remain.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have an excellent service provider, willing and able to keep my site on an old server running FP2000 SE. It is not easy to find FP2000 server support anymore, so I wish you luck finding an alternative solution. Of course the best remedy would be for MS to fix these bugs, in which case I would gladly upgrade without hesitation. Otherwise, my inclination would be to look into non-Microsoft alternatives.



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