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Old Notes About the SplitCon Application

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Author's note: the following article was produced from the previous text-based version of the SplitCon documentation and task list (splitcon.txt) last updated on 1/13/2000.  I transformed this text file mechanically into HTML with minimal editing to put it into a more useful, legible form.  There will be no further revisions of splitcon.txt, as this task list has been superseded by the new SplitCon Development Tasks page and its accompanying section in the table of contents, which is handled with a FrontPage include file for the outline of tasks.  The tasks described in these old notes will eventually be assimilated into the new system, but this will be a gradual process.

Preliminary Notes About the Generic SplitCon Application
By M. Asherman, 1/13/2000


The SplitCon application consists of a demo form and a general purpose class library for adding "splitters" to any VFP application. This work was loosely adapted from Doug Hennig's sample splitter class, which is described in his article "Splitting Up is Hard to Do" reprinted from the July '99 issue of FoxTalk, which is included in Microsoft's MSDN Library CD of 10/99. I made a number of departures from Doug Hennig's approach in order to create a simpler, more modular facility, avoiding all dependencies on either the Stonefield framework or VFP's FFC classes. Also, my SplitCon adds the generalizations of supporting a two-dimensionally split container, i.e. with multiple rows and columns of splitters, and it supports nested split subcontainers, if desired.

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