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Old Notes About the Saver Application

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Author's note: the following article was produced from the previous text-based version of the Saver documentation and task list (saver.txt) last updated on 1/13/2000.  I transformed this text file mechanically into HTML with minimal editing to put it into a more useful, legible form.  There will be no further revisions of saver.txt, as this task list has been superseded by the new Saver Development Tasks page and its accompanying section in the table of contents, which is handled with a FrontPage include file for the outline of tasks.  The tasks described in these old notes will eventually be assimilated into the new system, but this will be a gradual process.

Notes About the Generic Saver Application
By M. Asherman, 1/13/2000


The Saver application consists of a small demo program and an underlying generic class for table-driven state saving and restoration, based on use of the generic MDA Commander facility. If you invoke the saver() demo app, you will launch an instance of a Saver demo form. Additional invocations will launch additional form instances, each one having its own default state (like persistent preferences). Any changes you make to these forms, e.g. sizing, placement, zoom state, etc. will be automatically saved and restored.

By creating subclasses of the foundation Saver class, you can extend this facility to handle any custom form or other type of VFP container object. The object's state is automatically restored when you add a Saver subclass as a member, and the parent object's state is saved when the Saver is destroyed. See class SaverDemo for an illustration of how this works for the saver demo form.

Currently available documentation:

Sequence Numbering Conventions Currently used in StateSave methods:

Class Seq Property Saved/Restored
Saver (none) (StateSave method initially deletes prior saved state)
Saver 2 savrp_category (seq # macro is SV_CNCATEG)
Saver 4 savrp_notes (seq # macro is SV_CNNOTES)
Saver 6 savrp_title (seq # macro is SV_CNTITLE)
SaverForm  10 parent.Top
SaverForm  12 parent.Left
SaverForm  14 parent.Width
SaverForm  16 parent.Height
SaverForm  18 parent.WindowState
SaverForm  30 parent.AlwaysOnTop
SaverForm  32 parent.ShowTips
SaverFormHideable 40 parent.Visible
SaverFormHideable 42 KeepHidden property (to keep Visible = .f.)
SaverDemo 100 (forces parent.resize)
SaverDemo 110 parent.Edit1.value
SaverDemo 120 parent.BackColor

Related outstanding issues and tasks (* indicates it can wait):

General guidelines and conventions:

Change history:

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