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Old Notes About the ErrHandler Application

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Author's note: the following article was produced from the previous text-based version of the ErrHandler documentation and task list (errhandl.txt) last updated on 1/13/2000.  I transformed this text file mechanically into HTML with minimal editing to put it into a more useful, legible form.  There will be no further revisions of errhandl.txt, as this task list has been superseded by the new ErrHandler Development Tasks page and its accompanying section in the table of contents, which is handled with a FrontPage include file for the outline of tasks.  The tasks described in these old notes will eventually be assimilated into the new system, but this will be a gradual process.

Preliminary Notes About the ErrHandl (Error Handler) Application
By M. Asherman, 1/13/2000


The ErrHandl application consists of some generic foundation error-handling classes and a simple, self-contained demo form. This includes the following components:

To test out the demo application, issue the following command:

? errhandl()

This will launch a modal form that you can use to run any VFP command line. Try it out, including an example of an invalid command. Also note that when you exit from this form, the PUBLIC memory variable m.erh will point to an ErrHandler object containing detailed error information, even though the form no longer exists.

The errhandl() demo application supports 2 optional arguments, and action code and a command line. For example, if you issue the following command:

? errhandl('run', 'phony command line')

This will execute the (invalid) command line "phony command line" in non-interactive mode, causing an error message to be displayed. The errhandl.scx form is invoked, but you don't see the form itself it in this mode.

See errhandl.prg for additional notes about action arguments supported, which include Prompt, PromptN, Run, and RunN. These cover the interactive/non-interactive and modal/modeless variations.

Currently available documentation:

Misc outstanding related issues and tasks (* indicates it can wait):
    (see further subheadings below)

Outstanding Saver-related error handling issues and tasks:

Outstanding issues and tasks pertaining to foundation ERRH... UDFs:

Outstanding issues and tasks pertaining to ErrHForm foundation class:

Outstanding issues and tasks pertaining to ErrHandler foundation class: (nothing currently outstanding under this heading)

Outstanding issues and tasks pertaining to ErrHandl.SCX/PRG (demo programs):

General guidelines and conventions:

Change history:

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