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Old Notes About the Commander Application

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Author's note: the following article was produced from the previous text-based version of the Commander documentation and task list (commandr.txt) last updated on 1/13/2000.  I transformed this text file mechanically into HTML with minimal editing to put it into a more useful, legible form.  There will be no further revisions of commandr.txt, as this task list has been superseded by the new Commander Development Tasks page and its accompanying section in the table of contents, which is handled with a FrontPage include file for the outline of tasks.  The tasks described in these old notes will eventually be assimilated into the new system, but this will be a gradual process.

Preliminary Notes About the Generic Commandr Application
By M. Asherman, 1/13/2000


The Commander (aka Commandr) application is a generic table-driven facility for defining functions. It supports optional user-defined arguments and return values, nested and recursive functions. There is a convenient wrapper function interface, commandr(), plus a pure object-oriented class, Commander, in commandr.vcx. For a quick look at some examples, type the following command from VFP command level:

? commandr()

This will automatically initialize the default meta-file and evaluate the default sample function, which just displays a WAIT WINDOW message. Creation and maintenance of the Commander meta-file can be done via VFP's BROWSE command, and this is made easier by taking advantage of VFP's Browse preferences, e.g. via the BROWSE LAST option. Of course you can also populate the Commander meta-file programmatically, which is a major benefit of the meta-file based design. See the Saver application for an example of totally programmatic meta-file creation and use of the Commander facility.

To clean up after testing commandr() without closing out the current VFP session, use this command:


This will release the default Commander object and close the meta-file. This is mainly useful during development and testing of the Commandr facility itself, to avoid "class is in use" errors. 

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