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(Note: this documentation is very preliminary and incomplete.
Stay tuned for major revisions.)

In order to illustrate what Saver does and how it is used, a small demo application is included.  You don't need the demo to use Saver in your own applications, but it should be a helpful learning and testing tool.

Demo Screen Shot

(not yet done - Saver Demo screen shot goes here)

This will show a main VFP window containing an assortment of Saver Demo Form instances.  The main menu includes a Demo submenu, which should also be pulled down to show the available commands.

Demo Components

Aside from the general-purpose Saver foundation classes, dialogs, and core functions, the demo consists of the following programs:

Since these programs exist purely for demo purposes, they are not required for incorporating Saver into your own applications.

How to Run the Demo

To test the Saver demo application under the VFP Development System, go into the Saver development directory and issue the following command line:

saver2( )

This launches the demo main program, restoring it to the last previously saved configuration.  If this were the first invocation, all you would see is an additional VFP main menu option, Demo, indicating that the demo is running.  Under the Demo menu there is a command to launch a new instance of the Demo Form.  You can launch any number of Demo Forms, rearrange and resize them, change their color, enter some text, toggle some properties, etc.  Any configuration you construct will be saved automatically when you exit from the main demo application.  The next invocation of saver2( ) automatically returns you to exactly the same arrangement as before.

The Demo Menu

When the Saver Demo is running, there is an additional Demo menu option in the VFP main menu bar.  The Demo pull-down menu contains the following commands:

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