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The Lookup command button provides a convenient way to launch an application-specific "lookup table" maintenance facility.  If the Lookup button is disabled, this means that XFormDBF has not been configured to support this optional feature.

Developer Notes

There are two alternative ways to enable the Lookup button, either:

1. initialize the global memory variable, m.xfor_lkup before calling xformdbf
If this reserved memory variable is defined, xformdbf will take it to be the VFP command line to execute when the Lookup button is clicked.  This approach is flexible, because it avoids "hard-wiring" any application-dependent details of the Lookup logic into xformdbf.

    - or -

2. adjust the macro XFDB_LOOKUP_DFLT in include file xformdbf.h
Instead of following the above procedure every time you use xformdbf, you can define your own default Lookup command line by editing the xformdbf.h include file and rebuilding the xformdbf application.  You can still override the new default by using the global mvar approach above.  If m.xfor_lkup is undefined when xformdbf is invoked, the default Lookup command line specified by macro XFDB_LOOKUP_DFLT will be used. 

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