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You can view and edit the entire mapping expression for the currently selected output field by using the scrollable editbox below the splitter bar on the Fields page.  This is especially helpful if you are using a modeless invocation of XFormDBF, because it allows you to easily copy and paste information from another window.

When you attempt to deactivate the mapping editbox, e.g. by clicking on another field or on the body of the form, the mapping expression is automatically validated.  If there is a syntax error or other type of problem, it is reported at this point, and you must fix or clear the mapping expression before you can continue.  If no error is detected, there is no message, and you can continue without interruption.

Note that the validation logic for the mapping editbox is a bit smarter than the validation that takes place when you edit a mapping by double-clicking on a row of the list of mappings above the splitter.  The mapping editbox validation logic can cope with expressions involving UDFs, without generating the spurious error messages that come from VFP's GETEXPR command.

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