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Priorities for Improvements to the XFORMDBF application

From: AP
Keywords: XFormDBF, Priority
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Date: 05/24/00
Time: 18:29


Priority 9 - Allow input data to be seen from the fields table - Our suggestion is to place a 3 record grid of the input table on the top of the fields tab page so that input field names can be seen on the same page where expression-writing is taking place Priority 7 - Inclusion of field attributes in column header in item noted above Priority 9 - Support a single field test operation - display results on Fields page next to expression Priority 9 - set macro to use BT's default Table Maintenance application (to invoke Function Library) Priority 6 - Improve highlighting of current record(s) Priority 6 - Investigage ways to further speed up large transformations. Priority 5 - Provide quick reports tied to form Priority 3 - Add configurable Funcs button to fields page Priority 3 - Provide way os selecting multiple records for testing


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