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Re: Priorities for Improvements to the XFORMDBF application

From: mda
Keywords: XFormDBF, Enhancement, Priority
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Date: 05/31/00
Time: 14:26


Here is your list, massaged for readability plus my annotations.  Based on our conversation of 5/26, I've revised some of your priorities and entered these into the left-hand column of the corresponding task descriptions.  (I want to avoid overuse of priority 9, which is the highest possible value on my compact 1-digit scale.)

Priority 9 (changed to 8) - Allow input data to be seen from the fields table
(See xfma0051)  My plan is to use a grid and a splitter, so the number of input records that are visible would be an adjustable aspect of the form's configuration.  Also, I have noted an important clarification from our conversation of 5/26, where you indicated that an output grid is not required for the fields page, but instead there should be an automatic display of the result of each field transformation.

Priority 7 - Inclusion of field attributes in column header in item noted above
 (See xfma0054)

Priority 9 (changed to 8) - Support a single field test operation
(See xfma0052)  Based on our conversation of 5/26, this operation should be done automatically whenever a mapping is edited, with some appropriate form of immediate display of the output value resulting from the evaluation of the mapping applied to the current input field.

Priority 9 (changed to 8) - set macro to use BT's default Table Maint. application
(See xfma0056)

Priority 6 - Improve highlighting of current record(s)
(See xfma0053)  Note that this may actually be more important than you have indicated, since we're depending on displaying the input grid on the fields page for xfma0051, and seeing the current position is essential to the usefulness of the input grid.

Priority 6 - Investigate ways to further speed up large transformations.
(See xfma0049)

Priority 5 - Provide quick reports tied to form
(See xfma0050)

Priority 3 - Add configurable Funcs button to fields page
 (See xfma0043)

Priority 3 - Provide way of selecting multiple records for testing
 (See xfma0055)


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