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Re: about your most recent xformdbf update - test reply

From: mda
Keywords: XFormDBF, TestPost
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Date: 07/11/00
Time: 14:44


I edited this test reply (via FrontPage) after using it to give Nadya a demo of the discussion posting and reply features.  I posted the preceding message (on Nadya's behalf) by copying the body of an email message she sent to me on 6/26 (viewed in Outlook Express), and pasting it into the Comments field in the forum message form.  Note that this procedure preserved the original formatting of Nadya's email message, so I did not need to do any further editing of that message via FrontPage.  Another interesting consequence of having created the previous message by this procedure was that the hyperlinks down toward the bottom were also preserved!  This suggests that the clipboard copying procedure captures the HTML representation used by Outlook Express to display the message, and this HTML is preserved when pasted into the posting form's comments field.


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