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Re: Multiline headers for the grid - not as simple as originally thought

From: mda
Keywords: XFormDBF, Enhancement, VFP
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Date: 07/11/00
Time: 18:21


Thanks for the additional info, Nadya.  I didn't realize that xfma0054: optional inclusion of field attributes in column headers could not be done straightforwardly in VFP, but my preliminary experiments quickly led to this realization.  In light of the need for further review of as-yet-unknown utilities to fake up multi-line column headers, I will first look into a simpler approach.  Maybe something semi-adequate can be done with tooltips or status bar messages, as you suggested.  If this is not good enough, we can revisit this issue again, after doing some further research and reassessing priorities.  As I recall, there was some mention of a VFP extension to support multi-line label captions, which is a similar problem.  It's possible that a VFP extension to support multi-line column headers is also in the works, and that would be a lot nicer than a kludgy workaround.


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