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Re: Various important XForm suggestions - deleted redundant posting

From: mda
Keywords: XFormDBF
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Date: 07/11/00
Time: 23:45


I deleted the second posting of this message.  I'm guessing that you got impatient when the message didn't show up right away in the outline of discussion threads.  Note that there is sometimes a slight delay before the posting appears, and if you are too quick to reload the outline you may not see the change yet.  If you saw the confirmation page, the message was posted.  Wait a second and try again to reload the threads outline, and you will probably see the message show up on the second try.  You don't need to post the message again, it's just that the server is updating the outline asynchronously.

As to the substance of your points about relative vs. absolute paths and SET SAFETY, I'll reply to these separately.



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