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Configuration page (Select Config in XForm & BtCrit)

From: NN
Keywords: XFormDBF, Enhancement, Suggestion
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Date: 07/12/00
Time: 13:35


As I mentioned this problem before, the Select Config page should allow us to set order by FunctionID or by Description. It should be in BTCrit and in XFormDBF.

Another important problem: is there a way to distinguish "Template FunctionID" vs. "ClonedFunctionID" in BTCrit. I'd prefer to have two separate files for that. It would make our development life much easier...

I wrote a message yesterday about Relative paths, but didn't see a reply. It's a very important problem. Today I cleaned up XFormDBF and BTCritss in both Live Server and BioHazard server, but they should not be there at the first place.


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