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Re: Configuration page (Select Config in XForm & BtCrit) - patience, Nadya

From: mda
Keywords: XFormDBF, Addition, ChangeReq, Enhancement, Priority, Suggestion
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Date: 07/12/00
Time: 14:39


I haven't forgotten, but it will take a little while to respond to each of the points you've raised. Config page issues really belong to the Saver application, for which I will be creating a separate forum. The relative paths issue was noted a long time ago, but it seems to have jumped in your view of priorities; I'll respond to that separately. I've invited you to give me feedback on yor assessment of priorities, and this would be helpful. If you assign a 1-digit number to each task, 9 being the most urgent, I will record this information in the task list and take it into account. Right now, I'm focusing on xfma0063, dynamic status bar message for input grid on the Fields page.


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