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Re: about your most recent xformdbf update - output type info

From: mda
Keywords: XFormDBF, VFP
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Date: 07/15/00
Time: 15:06


When the current output field value is displayed, the data type indicated is that of the result of evaluating the mapping expression, not necessarily the same as the data type of the output field.  For example the mapping expression might yield a Numeric type result, but the output field type could be Currency.  VFP will handle certain conversions implicitly in a REPLACE statement, such as the preceding example, without complaining.  Likewise for Character/Memo, other numeric variations, and Date/DateTime conversions.

If there is no implicit conversion between the output value type and the output field type, the output value display will also indicate that the data types are incompatible.  You mentioned seeing incorrect incompatibility warnings in our conversation of 7/11.  Thanks for pointing it out; this bug was fixed (xfma0065) in my latest update delivered on 7/14.


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