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New updates in XForm - few new problems

From: NN
Keywords: XFormDBF, Enhancement, Suggestion
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Date: 07/17/00
Time: 16:53


I've just took a look into new version of XForm.

Couple of observations:

1) SET STATUS BAR ON (OFF) is a global settings (it doesn't apply for the current DS as other settings). Therefore it makes our life harder :( In theory, we have to have a form property (at least) to hold the current status of this property, then we would set it on, then in Form.Destroy (for instance) reset it back. Currently I just set in ON in all my applications and restore to off (default for JobControl), if JobControl (oJC) was instantiated.

2) When focus is moving through the form's objects, we can see default VFP messages in the Status Bar. It would not hurt, but it would be better to avoid these messages whenever it's possible.


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