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Re: New updates in XForm - few new problems - status bar annoyances

From: mda
Keywords: XFormDBF, VFP
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Date: 07/19/00
Time: 19:04


I agree with you that there are some shortcomings in my use of VFP's status bar.  I made a trade-off against the inconvenience of other potential approaches, opting to take the easy way out.  I generally keep the status bar ON, in case it contains some useful information.  But when screen space is tight, as it is on the BT server machine, I can understand your desire to reduce dependence on the status bar.  I'm hopeful that the status bar will become less bothersome with the support of form resizing in XFormDBF. If it still seems worth taking further action despite resizability, I could add some sort of status bar option to XFormDBF along the lines you suggest.

As to the transient VFP status bar messages you'd rather not see, I've chased that rabbit before.  I've never found it easy to entirely control what shows up in the status bar, but at least you can be reasonably assured of seeing the input field information as you navigate through the input grid on the Fields page.  The only other output I deliberately send to the status bar is accomplished indirectly, through setting the statusbartext property of various controls.


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