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Re: Missed configuration - use Abandon

From: mda
Keywords: XFormDBF, Bug, Enhancement, Suggestion
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Date: 08/04/00
Time: 14:31


When you encounter an abnormal error, use the Abandon button to terminate XFormDBF without attempting to save the current state.  This will leave your previous configuration intact.  You may have to Suspend, Abandon, and Resume the application to accomplish this.

It would be nice if the user were never subjected to such unhandled errors.  I've put in lot's error checking into XFormDBF, but there still are some gaps that need to be covered better.  One major area is in Saver-related aspects, which I happen to be working on right now. Improvements in Saver's error-handling features will also be of interest to BTCrit. Aside from state-saving and restoration, if there are any specific parts of XFormDBF where you tend to encounter unhandled errors, please let me know so I can try to plug every hole.


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