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Efficiency of XForm xform_run method

From: NN
Keywords: XFormDBF, Suggestion
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Date: 09/07/00
Time: 09:49


In XForm Run method, AFAIK, currently you use: APPEND BLANK then REPLACE &Repline1; &Repline2; etc.

approach. You also noted, that there is a limitation of maximum number of clauses in a single Replace command.

I was thinking, is it possible to change like this:

scatter memo name loFields blank append blank

Then assign values to loFields.fields like store expval to ('loFields.'+m.fldname) in a for ... next loop

and then

gather memo name loFields release loFields

This is just an idea and I don't know, what should work faster: Replace or this technique. If you can run some tests to compare the speed, it would be great.


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