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Re: Efficiency of XForm xform_run method

From: NN
Keywords: XFormDBF, Suggestion
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Date: 09/08/00
Time: 12:52


Ok, now I better understand how it works. At some point I thought, it creates replace field1 with exp1, field2 with exp2, etc., where exp1=5, exp2="David", etc., but now I understand, what it uses functions instead. BTW, I studied cmdprg program already and found it a great tool. I even thought, that I might use it in one of my application (and Doug/Nancy might use it in Validate application), but I already implemented it in a code (actually, I don't have to run a program, only compile it). Anyway, you see the relation too the 'lack of communication', which I described in mail today.

SQL-Insert sounds interesting, though I can not recall, if I have a real experience with this command.


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