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Print option in XForm

From: NN
Keywords: XFormDBF, Enhancement
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Date: 01/04/01
Time: 22:39


As I mentioned before, it would be great to have an ability to print configuration. Each page has to have its own Print functionality, for instance, Fields Page should allow print Structure+Transformations, Switch To Dialog should have ability to print list of available configurations (Ttile, ID, Comment), etc. Also it would be great to have ability add comment to each field. While ago I proposed to add additional dimensions in array, so we could use left(,255) for display purposes and store actual transformation in another array dimension. Additional dimension could be used for storing field's comment (and another splitter EditBox). I'm not saying, all these changes required, but they would be helpful, from my POV.

Also the bug with XForm Help not properly restored persists... I had this problem lots of times and therefore had to re-start VFP.

The changes of Saver, etc. logic are also very desirable. Also note the use of Session class (it may substitute custom class).

I would also suggest you take a look to Nick's Grid Higlighter class. It could be perfectly used in XForm for highlighting curtrent row in a grid...


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