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Re: Merging couple of trasnformation together

From: mda
Keywords: XFormDBF, Addition, Suggestion
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Date: 01/10/01
Time: 22:45


You've got a couple of options: either open multiple instances of XF at the same time and copy and paste between them, or operate directly against the metafile(s). In either case, you'll want to be sure the database setup/cleanup steps are sufficient to cover the whole job, of course. If you've got a lot of mappings, it would be easiest to work at the metafile level. You can browse the metafile in order of functionid + seq (tag funcseq) to locate the mapping records for each of your transformations. These will be the records in the range of seq #'s between 1010 and < 5000. If you peruse the commands in these records, you should get the idea. I think it will suffice simply to combine the records in this range of seq #s within a single config, then switch to that config. Don't combine the other parts of the configs, however. Pick one config to start with, and add into it the mapping records from your other configs. By "add into it" I mean copy the records but assign them to the functionid of the initial config. The fact that there are duplicates seq #s and the order of mappings is semi-random shouldn't matter, I believe. When you save the config, it will automatically reassign mapping seq #s to be consecutive (but still within that range).

If this is a procedure you expect to come up again from time to time, I could make it easier. An XFormDBF "Merge" command button could let you pick another config whose mappings are to be merged with the current config. A cruder and not quite so convenient solution, but simpler and more general, would be to extend the cmdrclon( ) utility to support one or more additional arguments for copying pieces of Commander pseudo-function definitions more selectively.


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