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XForm & BtCrit speeding up ideas

From: NN
Keywords: XFormDBF, EmailNotify, Enhancement, Suggestion
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Date: 02/05/01
Time: 21:35


I'd like to discuss several ideas about improving speed in loading XForm/BtCrit forms. Those changes are not going to be implemented in the closest future (Release 1), but they definitely should be in Release 2.

1) Delay of instantiation of currently unvisible objects.

Both XForm and BtCrit (BtCrit especially) are heavy with the objects. If user would not activate Page2, Page3, etc., why do we need to instantiate the objects on these pages and therefore delay form initialization and fire lots of code? My suggestion - put objects on each page into its class and instantiate this class only when in page Activate method (if it's not already instantiated). Of course, this requires some additional thinking and code changes, but definitely it's worth the price. (I used this idea in DataDict application DataDictionary form).

2) If form is run in Run mode, there is no need to initialization at all, since all it cares to assign btcrit where expression and BTJOIN variable (BtCrit case).

3) If form is run in Run mode, there is no need for firing saving logic. This change could be addressed immediatelly.


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