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Creating a standalone test - necessary steps for XForm and BtCrit

From: NN
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Date: 02/08/01
Time: 20:51


In order to produce standalone test for XFormDBF on the separate computer (not BioHazard), there should be done following steps:

1)Download Lookups directory from Redp\DBC\Lookups

2) Download Redp\DBC\MA state database. Since this database is huge, another possiblity is to download TestMA database (should be much smaller), open XFormDBF metafile and do replace cmdline with strtran(cmdline,"MA","TestMA") for seq=SEQofXFormInit.

3) Download XFormDBF MetaFile from Redp\DBC\Jobs\MetaFiles directory

4) Download Templates from Redp\DBC\Jobs\XFormShells directory

5) Donwload Redp\DBC\Translation directory for translation tables (actually, only few configurations use Translation Tables, so this may become unnecessary).

6) Download Redp\DBC\Jobs\FunctionLibrary\Extracts directory for all my (mostly) UDFs.

Copy MetaFile into XFormDBF directory. Now you can try to run tests. Before doing transformation, check, if any of field explicitly calls oJC properties. If yes, and there is no check for existance of oJC, don't run them, or you may try, to see, how your Error Handler works.

Also you would be able to reproduce the bug, I reported. This is actually a well-known problem with VFP listboxes, that they can not be reliable used for number of items greater than 65. I think, we have about 100 working configurations already and this number will grow. Perhaps, you have to reconsider using Grid instead of ListBox in your base Switch to Dialog form.

Don't forget to include all mentioned directories in the search path. ============================================ Now the steps for creating standalone test for BTCrit.

1) Download my latest stuff under Redp\Appl\BtCrit directory

2) Download GetTitleAttributes program from Redp\Appl\CommonWg\Progs directory

3) Download latest BtCrit MetaFile from Redp\DBF\Jobs\MetaFiles directory and place it under BtCrit directory.

4) Check in a code, what is a default state (AFAIK, it's CT). Change it to be TestMa, if you downloaded TestMA database.

5) Download wgStates table from Redp\DBC\Support directory. Delete the link to Support Database (make if free table).

6) Download Lookups Database from Redp\DBC\Lookups.

Establish necessary path. You should be able to test BtCrit as standalone application.


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