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Re: Creating a standalone test - on BioHazard

From: NN
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Date: 02/09/01
Time: 14:23


In order to test your Apps in a stanalone fashion YOU have to do the following steps:

1) Create a Clone of my latest BTCrit application in say, MDA\BtCritTest directory on BioHazard.

2) Copy program GetTitleAttributes from CommonWg\Progs into this new directory.

3) Copy latest BtCrit MetaFile (from Redp\DBC\Jobs\MetaFiles into this new directory

4) Establish paths to your new classes + Lookups, MA,CT, RI databases + Support database (all these databases under Redp\DBC)

Recompile project and be sure, it doesn't have any references to our classes. Comment code in Show Crit form method, because it uses my Form statistics, which resides in CommonWg\Forms/Reports directories.

You should be able now test it as a standalone application.


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