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Re: Print option in XForm

From: mda
Keywords: XFormDBF, Addition, Enhancement
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Date: 05/22/01
Time: 14:33


I've made note of your further suggestions about XFormDBF printing options under xfma0050: provide various quick reports tied into XFormDBF.  This topic has come up before, but your idea seems like a reasonable simplification, avoiding the need to report against the metafile.

For your second point I created a separate task description, svma0031:  Print command for the Switch To ... dialog, since this is a general Saver extension (hence also applicable to BTCrit).

In response to your third suggestion, I created xfma0076: support optional comments for each output field mapping.  This brings to mind the idea of xfma0077: switching from a listbox to a grid-based implementation mappings, which would also address a number of other limitations.

I believe that the problems you were having with Help file restoration were fixed in my update of 2/4/01, xfma0072: conversion of XFormDBF to the new Saver2 architecture.  Please let me know if you see any recurrence of this problem.

Another point you raised (also unrelated to printing) about using Session class Saver objects no longer applies in the new Saver2-based design; the form itself is now a Saver subclass, and there is no separate Custom class Saver object required.

I'll reply separately to your suggestion about using Nick's Grid Highlighter, under your posting of 1/26/01.  (I do think it's best to break up these discussions into distinct threads.)


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