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Re: Highlighting records in XForm

From: NN
Keywords: XFormDBF, EmailNotify, Enhancement, Suggestion
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Date: 05/31/01
Time: 21:29


I put Nick's GridHighlighter into nAdditions classlib under commonwg\progs. I also implemented it already in several applications (see LendRev for example). It definitely adds a nice look to them. The main disadvantage of this class that it currently comes without source code, so it's considered as a Black box. Also we should monitor each updates and upgrade our classlib, which is a little hassle. The main features of this class are: whole record is highlighted by color of your choice (default - blue), current record has font bolded (default setting, but could be changed - I like it bold), forecolor for current record is also choosable (I set it to be yellow, default is white). Currently active column has a different color for the header (choosable too - default is pink, which I don't like, so I set it to be some sort of green). This class also allows to highlight several records with distinct color (choosable) depending on condition.

Another alternative is Cetin's Basoz highlighted grid, which is in wgControls.vcx (it's a sublcass of wggrid). It has the source code and ability to highlight the current record. Examples of its implementaion is ADC or Zipping applications.


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