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Re: Priorities on Reporter Application Improvements

From: mda
Keywords: Reporter, Enhancement, Priority, VFP
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Date: 05/31/00
Time: 16:02


Here is your list, massaged for readability plus my annotations. Again I've revised some of your priorities based on our conversation of 5/26.

Priority 1 - Use VFP newobject() function
(See rpma0008)  This is one of those small cleanups that really should be done at the next convenient opportunity.  It should probably be regarded as a general guideline in VFP programming to use the newer newobject() interface, because it's cleaner and it avoids accidental intermixing of class libraries, which can be a real pain to debug.

Priority 9 (changed to 4) - Use generic ErrHandler Class
(See rpma0010)  Based on our conversation of 5/26, I reduced this priority to be lower than most of the currently listed XFormDBF-related tasks, but higher than the following Reporter tasks.

 Priority 3 - Optional SAFETY ON/OFF control
(See rpma0013)

Priority 3 - Support generation of Word documents
(See rpma0012)


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