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Re: New reports output - general forum issues

From: Nadya Nosonovsky
Keywords: Reporter
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Date: 06/21/00
Time: 09:38


<I've edited your posting to fix the formatting of the CreatePDFFile routine by using the copy that you emailed me. Unfortunately, FrontPage's discussion facility does not preserve formatting of new lines and white space. It may be possible to get around this by feeding it HTML, but I haven't yet had chance to experiment with this. If you prepare the message in a text editor and paste it into the posting form's Comments field, this seems to do a better job of preserving formatting. Sending me email for such situations, as you did, is just fine. >

Thanks for fixing this message for me. I appreciate it.

<I removed your redundant posting. I'm not sure if that was from your deliberate attempt to fix the formatting or was an accident due to double-clicking or refreshing the Confirmation form. To post a message or reply you click only >

The second message was attempt to improve situation by using code tag. For my regret, it didnít work.

<Another general point: when you post a piece of code or other material written by someone else, please include a reference to the source, e.g. a URL or citation to the publication from which it originated. We don't want to be violating someone's copyright or committing some other offense. When an existing web page is available, it would be preferable to point to its URL rather than copy the text into a forum message, unless it's a small excerpt, properly attributed. >

The code I posted was originated from UT. The mentioned author kindly provided me a code snippet, which I successfully modified and used to produce PDF non-interactively. I found lots of useful code in UT and basically when I take this code, I insert description with the author in the top. I myself posted lots of code, when I tried to help somebody. This is a free exchange of ideas and therefore nobodyís rights are violated, I presume.

<I'll post separate messages to reply to the VFP-specific issues you mentioned.> See my other replies.


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