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Re: New reports output - CreatePDFFile

From: NN
Keywords: Reporter, Enhancement, Suggestion
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Date: 06/21/00
Time: 10:08


<I'm not sure I understand how to use the CreatePDFFile program. Is the idea that I invoke CreatePDFFile, passing it an output PDF name, before invoking VFP's REPORT command? Does this allow the PDF to be generated non-interactively (the references to SETPROMPTON/OFF suggest that this is the case, which would be very nice)? Do you know where is the documentation for these API routines? This looks like a promising approach, if I understand it correctly. Thanks for the very helpful info. >

I modified this program and change the name to be CreatePDF. You catch the idea perfectly. As you fairly guessed, it allows to generate PDF non-interactively.


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