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Strange problem in Reporter

From: NN
Keywords: Reporter, Bug, Question
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Date: 08/06/01
Time: 11:41


When I invoke Reporter in run mode on a file, which has filtered index, it prints the whole file. This is invokation from the main form through this command:


The form appears Select Destination:"Screen Printer File" and regardless of the destination the whole file is printed. This is the code in the form, but I don't see a relevance:

******************************************************************** * Description.......: TableMaint.PrintM * Calling Samples...: * Parameter List....: * Created by........: * Modified by.......: Nadya Nosonovsky 06/06/2000 12:51:08 PM ******************************************************************** local lcReportName, lcSafety, lnRecno, lcOrder lcReportName='Reports\TableMaint' lcSafety=set('safety') set safety off select TableMstr lnRecno=recno() lcOrder=order() create report (m.lcReportName) from alias() column select TableMstr if !empty(m.lcOrder) set order to tag (m.lcOrder) && Restore tag endif dodefault() goto m.lnRecno if m.lcSafety='ON' set safety on endif

Can you please check for possible problem in Reporter?


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