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VFP-related highlights of VS6 SP4

From: mda
Keywords: VFPMisc, Bug, VFP
Date: 07/17/00
Time: 20:06


Microsoft announced the release of Visual StudioŽ 6.0 Service Pack 4 (SP4) in their MSDN Flash, Volume 4, Number 13, June 26, 2000.  They pointed to this URL for more info about VS6 SP4: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/sp

From my brief perusal of the page summarizing the VFP-related fixes, I don't see any improvements of immediate interest to me in SP4.  Since it's a 74MB download for the "subset" pertaining to Visual FoxPro, Visual InterDev, and Visual J++, I'm not in a rush to install SP4, unless someone points out a significant benefit.

The following KB articles that were cited seem potentially of interest, but I don't think they are immediate issues for me:

Q258737 - FIX DataSession Property Cannot Be Set in Session Subclass
Q250059 - FIX Accessing Printer Drivers After Issuing SYS(1037) Might Cause Error
Q262878 - FIX Fatal Exception with Large Number of Variables or Objects

SP4 also includes updated or upgraded versions of:

I'm not yet sure if any of these revisions are significant.  If you know of any specific SP4 changes that are likely to be of interest, please post your comments as replies under this thread.


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