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standard project subdirectories

From: mda
Keywords: VFPMisc, Suggestion, VFP
Date: 09/06/00
Time: 18:19


(This posting is actually a reply to Nadya's posting, Directory structure for the projects, in the Reporter forum. Since the issue is really a general one, with no special connection to Reporter, I've shifted the thread into this forum, which is more appropriate to such topics.)

I'm not convinced that the use of a "standard" directory organization for every project is a useful convention. By this I mean the notion that every application should be spread out across a bunch of subdirectories with names like Data, Forms, Include, Progs, Reports, Document, etc. It seems to me that this is a needless complication that does nothing to simplify the comprehensibility of the application. This widely used practice is a hangover from FoxPro 2.0, or earlier, which is obviated by the VFP project manager. I certainly would advocate creating modular applications, each with their own directory and help files, but the further division into "standard" subdirectories strikes me as a useless annoyance.


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