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Re: how should version information be displayed - option 3

From: mda
Keywords: VFPMisc, Enhancement, Suggestion
Date: 10/06/00
Time: 11:13


That version numbers should be retrieved separately is standard practice. In Alan's memo (Implement Process 1.doc) which I received on 9/8, the way he put it was "Version number is embedded on top right side of primary user screen form." You seem to have latched onto the interpretation that this means to put version # in the title bar, but I think option #2 (in body of form) is a reasonable alternative consistent with the original intent.

In any event, I think the more significant point is that there should exist a consistent version numbering convention, and there should be any easy way to see this information. Given the programming complications of trying to cram this into either the title or the body of the form, option #3 seems more appealing because of its greater simplicity and generality. I'd be interested to know whether Alan would consider this to be an acceptable approach, as far as the end result. I'm sure that he wouldn't object to its being the easiest to implement and maintain.

As to the multiple concurrent forms issue, this would still be the case with either of the other approaches if the windows happen to overlap so as to obscure the relevant portion of the forms that are not on top. But here's a simple remedy: introduce a main menu command that displays version info for all of the forms by looping over the _screen's Forms collection.


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