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Re: Yes, I would consider signing such an open letter to Microsoft

From: Nadya Nosonovsky
Keywords: VFPMisc, EmailNotify
Date: 03/26/01
Time: 22:48


Hi Valera,

In case, you'll look into this forum again, I'd like to ask you some questions and ask for your help.

1) Where did you find the info about poll at the first place?

2) Could you spread this info around, preferably in Russian in some Russian VFP/Foxpro forums?

3) Where do you currently reside?

I live in Boston, MA. I'm from St.Petersburg, Russia originally. I tried to spread the info about this letter in some Russian forums, but unfortunately I'm not active in Russian forums, since I have such a great Universalthread forum. If you can do something, I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance and good luck!


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