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From: Anthony Saliba
Keywords: VFPMisc
Date: 05/07/01
Time: 02:56


I would like to support an open letter to Microsoft regarding marketing of Visual Foxpro.

Could not understand what is wrong with FP for microsoft to negelect it so much. I admint that I am a supporter of Bill Gates and MS in general but this is the only area which I think MS is letting down itself and people. VFP is a product that, when it comes to Database handling, there is no other product in MS that can compete with it.

Sometimes I ask myself, what would have happened if some other company, like Oracle bought Foxpro initially, I think that in that case FP would have been at the Top.

Unfortuanlty my frustration is making me move to Delphi, but not VB altough I can write with the latter.

Hope somebody hears.


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