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Re: This is the best we can do

From: mda
Keywords: VFPMisc
Date: 06/21/01
Time: 23:53


The purpose of the letter is to persuade Microsoft to take a very small action that will be in their own interest, as well as ours.  Their present behavior toward VFP makes no sense.  Don't you think there is some number of signatures sufficient to get Microsoft's more serious attention?  After all, we are their customers, not the enemy.

The size of the FoxPro community is generally thought to be in the hundreds of thousands.  What percentage of  FoxPro programmers that you know would be opposed to asking Microsoft to do a better job of marketing and promoting VFP?  Do you think that the 99%+ results so far are a statistical fluke?

As to what happens next, here is what I suggest.  Let each person who went to the trouble of casting his or her vote do one more thing: contact another VFP programmer who hasn't heard about the poll, or who hasn't voted.  Offer to submit their name and email address for them, if that would help.  And ask them to do one more thing: pass the word on to one more person...


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