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Re: VFP Developers

From: mda
Keywords: VFPMisc, Suggestion
Date: 10/18/02
Time: 11:25


Hi Kati,

Your best bet would be to post a message to the main VFP newsgroup at news:microsoft.public.fox.programmer.exchange. You can get to this either via a Usenet news reader (e.g. Outlook Express), or via the web (go here). Another important online resource is The Universal Thread, which has a place to list job openings (they have both free basic access and paid "premier membership" subscriptions).  Both of these places are extremely popular hangouts for serious FoxPro programmers around the world, and I'm sure you would get some very quick responses on either one, including references to more specific local groups for the Colorado area.

You may as well indicate whether there is the possibility of working remotely on this job, as this is likely to be one of the first questions asked. Many more people will be interested if the client is flexible in that respect. Good luck!


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