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Re: _curobj

From: mda
Keywords: VFPMisc, VFP
Date: 01/17/03
Time: 14:27


>Wath use the _curobj in the Visual Foxpro. Wath use the lostfocus

From VFP 6.0 Help:

_CUROBJ System Variable

Included for backward compatibility. Use the ActiveControl property for new forms instead.

LostFocus Event

Occurs when an object loses the focus.

Also try these sites for help in Spanish and Portuguese:

http://www.portalfox.com (Spanish)

http://www.davphantom.cjb.net (Spanish)

http://www.foxbrasil.com.br (Portuguese)

http://www.rapozine.com.br (Portuguese)

http://www.universalthread.com (many languages)

Good luck!



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