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From: Stuart Green
Keywords: VFPMisc
Date: 06/09/03
Time: 10:56


I am just an xbase programmer but could produce just about anything a building of 3,000 people could need in fairly short order.

You don't want to run a bank on FoxPro but for hit and run apps that only have to last a few years and only run a few hundred thousand records, FoxPro seems perfect. That's a large market so what's the problem? It has perfect pitch. Power and control without too much nitty gritty. A fully net enabled FoxPro would make me want to play again. Keep that pitch.

I created an app that displayed 10 floors of a 2,000,000 square foot building. Each of the 6,000 rooms was clickable and then into code to do whatever. SQL queries hightlighted rooms in colour. It was as easy as pie. The development team consisted of myself, a bottle of wine and a real manager who gave me a few weeks off to get it going. Turn the lights on and off, check occupancy, update the phonebook, add assets. These are called Computer Aided Facility Management systems and there are some amazing ones out there. But you don't always need an amazing one. Sometimes what you need is just something simple that works. The gent from the UK has it right. It's the ring in the nose of managers who are scared to death, a reasonable fear, of getting fired for not following the herd.


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