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Recent Experience of VFP

From: Superna Parajuli
Keywords: VFP
Date: 12/11/04
Time: 20:06


After a long break I just had a chance to work as a VFP developer. Before that I was using Java, VB, C#. It was about 5 years ago, I was using VFP (3, 5). And before that Foxpro and dbase. With the recent VFP experience, I am really surprised with the great features and functionality of VFP7. I was able to implement OO Design Patterns very comfortably. It's a wonderful language of its kind. Many people don't know what exactly is VFP and thought it's an old system and not longer exists. It's not true. It is equally powerful, efficient and comfortable for anybody and any business. My conclusion is IT SHOULD NOT DIE. IT IS STILL YOUNG AND HANDSOME.


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