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Templates+Clones in one MetaFile - way to separate them

From: NN
Keywords: Saver, Question
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Date: 01/15/01
Time: 17:50


I spoke with Nancy today and she prefers not to separate MetaFiles for Clones and Templates (it would lead to major headache and many hassles in implementation) but differentiate them by flag. Therefore my question is: how can I set this flag? Honestly, when I wrote BtCrit SaverBtCrit class code, I used your code as example and didn't really try to understand it syntax (quite complex). As far as I understand, this is going to change in the closest future when the new Saver class will arrive. Anyway, how can I set up a flag?

This is the typical example of the code in SaverBtCrit class: * save the Development Mode toggle if not this.StateCommander.AddFuncStep(this.StateFuncId, 102, ; "m.cmdr_arg1.parent.btcDevMode=" + iif(thisform.btcDevMode, '.t.', '.f.')) return .f. && unexpected failure endif

I don't want to make this flag to be a form property, I just want to find a way to mark records.


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