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Re: Templates+Clones in one MetaFile - way to separate them

From: mda
Keywords: Saver, Enhancement, Suggestion
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Date: 01/16/01
Time: 11:48


I think it was originally Alan's idea to separate the template configs from the live ones by splitting them into separate metafiles. This was the simplest immediate solution at the time, but I can see how simplifications in one respect lead to complications in another. I'm not sure about this "flag" concept that you're referring to, but I have a couple of possible approaches in mind that might solve your problem.

One option is to use suitable naming conventions for your configurations, so that they are easily separable when you look at available configs ordered by functionid. This new convention could be used without any programming changes, although you might want to consider some further enhancements to make this more convenient, e.g. see svma0018: Saver property for restricting functionid prefix.

The other approach you could take is to make use of the standard svp_category property, which shows up as the Category field in the Switch To... dialog. Again, this is something you can use simply by convention, without any programming changes, but you may also want to consider svma0022: category restrictions in the Pick Config dialog.

Incidentally, if you want to post program excerpts without losing the proper line breaks, you should add a blank line after each line in order to force an HTML paragraph break. See the related section of IdeaXchg Help - Message Posting Page for more about this.


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