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Re: Templates+Clones in one MetaFile - way to separate them

From: mda
Keywords: Saver, Enhancement, Suggestion
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Date: 01/16/01
Time: 18:07


Let me start with the features that are already available, which you can use simply by following certain conventions. On the one hand you can employ a naming convention for template configs where the functionid prefix would make the distinction between template and non-template cases. For example, start your template config names with "t_", or whatever. This will make it easy for you to tell the different flavors of config apart, and you can make use of the ordering by functionid option in the Pick a Config... dialog.

Alternatively, you can use the Category field (which appears on the Config page), and corresponds to the property svp_category in the new Saver2 classes. (In the old Saver, this property was called savrp_category, but we're really talking about a property you would set via the Config dialog, not a programmatic change from your standpoint.) Although the Category currently has no formal significance, it is settable by the user and retained with the configuration, and you can sort the list of available configs to choose from on this column. In other words, you could use "template" as the category, or some other scheme for handling any system of categorization you would like. Since there already is a provision for listing configs sorted by category, you might want to think about prefixing conventions that will group configs into the most useful hierarchy.

Neither of the things I just described require any programming changes by me or you, except possibly your (or Nancy's) programs that decide on values to assign to new functionids.

The two tasks I mentioned, svma0018 and svma0022, are further refinements that would make either of the preceding approaches more convenient, by restricting the list of configs that the user can choose from. Instead of seeing all configs in the meta-file, the user would see only those having a certain functionid prefix (svma0018 ) and/or those whose Category matches a certain pattern (svma0022), for example. These changes would show up in the user interface (i.e. the Config page, Pick Config dialog, etc.), but they really don't entail any programming changes on your end. I'll be glad to work on these extensions, if you're interested, but that would have to follow the current work I'm finishing up on svma0013 and, presumably, xfma0072.


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