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Re: Templates+Clones in one MetaFile - way to separate them

From: NN
Keywords: Saver, Question
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Date: 01/17/01
Time: 11:01


Well, we currently have bunch of existing templates (around 50) and lots of cloned records in our MetaFile. AFAIK, Nancy programs cloned records this way: 5 first letters of the functionid + random unique part. Therefore, it would be tough to change immediately. Perhaps, we should expand FunctionID field, to, say, 20 chars. I may suggest to use FunctionID+ JobID as a clone record functionID algorithm. Let's now see, how template category could distinguish templates from clones. AFAIK, Nancy uses select distinct FunctionID from MetaFile

Suppose, we fill in category to be Template in Category field. Now, how can we select all template functionIDs? I mean, how should the code look like for this?

Also, Clone function should NOT assign Template category to all cloned records (obviously).

I'll start with setting this Category field on the Config page to be "Template" for templates.


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